How Can You Embrace The Paradoxes Within?

Hello dear one,

This month has been all about embracing paradox...

So what opposites have been swirling around inside of you that feels like that can't make ends meet?

Are there places within you that have you feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, or overwhelmed?

Do you feel like you can't get out of your own way or not living in your full potential because you are stuck between the polarities that have you trapped in making any kind of choice or taking action?

I created a somatic exerc…

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What Happens Before a Thought?

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”
― Lao Tzu

So this month's theme "Embracing Paradox" got me thinking a bit deeper about this quote above. It is a teaching we receive in many Eastern and Western philosophies. I get it, I have taught it, and have subscribed to it but something inside of me feel…

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Journal Practice: Who Are Your Friends?


In last week's podcast of nOMad's The Space in Between, I invited you into contemplating who you hang out with and how they represent who you are and who you are becoming. Here is a recap of questions to journal about on your own time.

Journaling is always best to do in a quiet space after you have dropped down into you body in some way. Some ways to do that are:

after a movement or yoga practice

after a warm bath or shower,

as part of your self care ritual,

after a meditation practice,

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You Are Your Own Magic 8 Ball

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 5.26.59 PM

You Are Your Own Magic 8 Ball

It is true.

You have all the answers you need within you.

Do you find yourself getting lost in looking for outside confirmation or answers?

Are you looking all around for for the signs from the universe?

You don't need a magic 8 ball or oracle cards to tell you what your heart wants to know (but they are good tools to use sometimes).

In this short practice, we dive into your heart....

Sit with me for a 10 minutes and see how you can drop down into …

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The Gratitude of Shadows

*video from Restore Your Gratitude Exploration


I felt called to go back to the archives of nOMad's Gratitude Practice (on my recently updated Youtube channel) to witness how perspectives change with experience, time, and knowledge.

And well, this message from six years ago is still the same...

Fear can get in our way, even when it comes to appreciating what we have.

If we have that abandonment wound, we can allow Fear to get in our ear about not becoming too attach…

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Daddy's "Techie" Girl Leading nOMad to the Next Frontier


We had dial up in our house in the early 80’s because my dad was a computer programmer for the Nature Conservancy. I always thought it was odd he worked in computers to “conserve nature”…

Dad would sit me down at the computer to play games test my typing skills (along with Frogger, of course). I resisted because I just wanted to dance and go outside to play with my friends. He told me that computers were the future and I had to be prepared. There was one time he said that (again) and I replied,…

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A Dance with Mystery


Not everything is a tangible result.

This was a conversation we shared in our nOMad Guides group call last night. We were discussing the business side of things of being a guide, mentor, teacher, coach, or healer.

Money is a conversation a lot of us get hung up on in our western world, especially with inflation and all the uncertainties of our lives. If we are not aware, it can easily catapult us into the abyss of anxiously not knowing which leaves us grasping for some kind of security and saf…

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Dear Peace and Serenity: Poems and Dance

Peace and Serenity,

I felt you close as I drifted off to sleep 

I float into your gentle arms and when Mom slowed down her words 

I held on to you as long as I could 

as I drifted on a cloud of bliss with you both.

Summer nights, 

we sat and watch the fireflies light up

with quickly fading memories 

I tried to find you both.

I lay alone in bed with so many thoughts and worries in my head. 

-you both so far away. 

You came to me less and less 

glimpses of you in the city parks-

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Embodiment Practices: Introduction to Mvt109™ Groundwork

The last few hours, days, months...I have felt the constant push, pull, and never ending swirling energies that come with living.

There are moments I feel so present and grounded, ready to take on the world as the Radiant Lioness I have called in to embody.

Then, there are other moments where I feel the old limiting beliefs feel like they are sucking me back in time/space. I feel like no one understands me. I feel like an imposter. I feel those very familiar echoes of isolation that I accompan…

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Welcome to Radiant Lioness

Add a heading

Goodbye to Sandra Dee and Welcome to Radiant Lioness

on this Auspicious Day, the Lion's Gate (8/8)

"Look at me, there has to be
Something more than what they see
Wholesome and pure
Oh so scared and unsure
A poor man's Sandra Dee

Sandy, you must start anew
Don't you know what you must do?
Hold your head high
Take a deep breath and sigh
"Goodbye to Sandra Dee..."



My mom just texted me the news that Olivia Newton John just died, our beloved Sandra Dee from Grease.

In 8th grade, I played Sandy in …

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