My name is Phoebe Leona.

I chose my last name (lioness) because my dad met my mom while he was out walking his pet, lion. Yep, that is right.

Since the day that lion energy called me into this world, I have been a dancer, speaker, teacher, author, and someone who finds joy in guiding people to have deeper experiences of themselves so they can have a greater sense of belonging and purpose.

MY STORY (The very short version)

I grew up in the DC area and was primarily raised by my father, a Vietnam vet who suffered from severe PTSD, but we didn't really have that diagnosis back in the 80's quite yet. I lived through it with him though, so whatever we called it then (a drug/alcohol abuse problem), it was real.

Dancing and writing were always my two gifts that helped me get through my rough times as a child and I was always curious about why and how we do the things we do as humans. I was fascinated with psychology but I decided to walk the path as a dancer in New York City which was actually a very similar path of exploring the human experience but on a more energetic level.

Being able to embody people's feeling and ideas through movement taught me a lot.

Teaching yoga and movement for over 20 years did too.

Seeing how my body mirrored the experiences of my life was undeniable the closer I looked and then I saw how everyone's habits and stories of their lives were being played out in their postures, injuries, illnesses, and overall relationship to their bodies. I have been exploring these ideas formally and not so formally when I started to witness these patterns since I was 25 years old...and since then it has been my mission for others to connect these dots for themselves too on the micro-level with somatic (of the body) practices and macro-level with expanded awareness practices.


A lot.

Some say I am a moving target or can't keep up with all that I do.

Let me tell you a few things I am most proud of so far on my professional path.

I am...

I will share more with you as we travel along together...

Want to keep traveling here with me?

There are a few ways we can.


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“I received an amazing session with Phoebe! We did some deep dive work on old limiting beliefs around money and I had huge breakthroughs. She was kind and gracious in her work and how she listened, supported me, and took me through the embodiment exercises. The exercise was both gentle yet powerful in how it helped me release old blocks. I myself have done this work for many years, and working with her was some of the best healing work I have experienced. Grateful for her love, generosity, patience, and guidance.”

- Codie Lea

Holistic Transformational Practitioner