Hello dear friend,  

Thank you for being here and for being curious as to how I can be of service to you! First of all, let me tell you, I am not a "inside-the-box" kind of person. I have many roles I find joy in playing to discover myself and to create experiences for you to discover yourself on this crazy ride called "life"! I can be relaxed, casual, artistic, peaceful, and subtle, as well as confident, professional, strategic, an agent of change, and powerful. A shapeshifter to meet you where you are at, I guess you could say.

This path of personal growth and transformation can be a lot of work but I really believe we can have fun on the way too!

So here are a few roles that I can play for you to discover the alchemy of gold that is inside of YOU.

Author is my newest role since 2021. I have found abundant joy in sharing my story as a healing for others. There is something so powerful to hold the words of someone and experience their world and I am grateful to have the opportunity to do that for you. I am thrilled to share my newly released solo book, Dear Radiant One by WEX Press/GracePoint Publishing that shares my emotional recovery story and transformational guide. Dive deep into my stories to discover your own transformation and go further with guidance in the Embodied Radiance Program. In 2021, my first published project was the multi-author book, Cage No More by Sanctuary Publishing, co-authored by a group of women who broke free from societal constraints.

Dancer has always been a role I have played in my life. It has been a way of understanding the world for me since I was a child. I danced before I walked (in my jolly jumper). As a young adult, I received a BFA in Modern Dance from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I studied technique, anatomy, kinesiology, and pedagogy. As a professional modern/contemporary dancer/choreographer in New York City, my studies continued and I earned a Pilates certification, 500 hour Certification (ERYT500, YACEP) under the guidance of my mentor, Jeanmarie Paolillo from YogaWorks and Restorative/Therapeutics with Jillian Pransky. I studied trauma informed therapies from Veteran’s Yoga Project, Exhale to Inhale, Embodied Philosophies courses with Dr. Albert Wong, Dr. Isa Gucciardi, and my own personal studies and experiences from unpacking my childhood trauma in many years of therapy throughout my life.

Teacher and guide are other ways I find joy in serving our world. From a lineage of teachers, I started my teaching path when  I was invited to teach at the Pennsylvania Ballet in 1998, as a teacher of modern dance (Graham & Horton) for the ballet program. Since then, I have taught dance, Pilates, yoga, and other movement techniques at various studios/programs in New York City. In 2014, I founded The nOMad Collective with a mission to hold safe spaces and offer healthy resources to empower people to live a fuller life with more joy, gratitude, confidence, and connection. I am also proud to have co-founded, TRIBE military yoga with 3 graduates of my 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training program in 2018 at West Point.

Speaker is a role that was gifted to me in some way back in 2018, when I was invited to speak on stage at TEDx. I say gift because it seem to come quite natural to me through all the years of being on stage as a dancer and teaching people in various ways all seemed to have prepared me for this platform. Since then, I have been blessed to speak at numerous conferences, summits, and festivals. I love the impact I can make in just one talk that could possibly touch thousands of people and perhaps transform them on a cellular level. That is the power of speaking, it can make big waves of changes in a short amount of time.


Thank you for being here.

I hope just this visit here has shifted you in some way.

Drop me a note and let me know how to meet you where you are now. Let's talk. How can I serve you?


With grace,

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Embody the radiance of Costa Rica, the perfect outer landscape to explore your emotional inner landscape, and tap into a greater sense of wonder and possibility. With daily rituals and practices of movement and breath, we will unleash the luminous world that lies within.



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