Welcome, My Dear Friend!  

I am an author, speaker, dancer, yoga teacher, and embodiment guide...

and many other roles I find joy in playing in this life. 

I have been on a path of service for over 25 years with a personal mission to help people (of all kinds) connect more deeply to their inner landscape and expanded awareness to feel more embodied and empowered in creating a life worth fully living.

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Learn and Work with Phoebe

There are a number of ways to work with me: My ongoing Embodied Radiance Program with me and our community, retreats to dive deeper into your own journey of transformation, live in-person experiences where we can move and share stories, become Mvt109™ facilitator, or book me for your next speaking engagement in your community.


Book Phoebe as a guest or keynote speaker for your next in-person conference, virtual summit, event, retreat, or podcast.

Phoebe talks and teaches on a variety of personal transformational topics to serve communities by meeting them with what they need most and introduces them to the importance of embodiment to take them beyond the "mindset" work.


Retreat In Costa Rica

November 12-19, 2022

Embody the radiance of Costa Rica, the perfect outer landscape to explore your emotional inner landscape, and tap into a greater sense of wonder and possibility. With daily rituals and practices of movement and breath, we will unleash the luminous world that lies within.



There is a little something for everyone; talks, movement ceremonies, workshops, book readings, performances.

There are many ways to experience and explore with Phoebe. Open your mind and heart, be curious, and see what is here for you to join.



This movement ceremony and somatic practice, created by Phoebe Leona, Mvt109™ is an experience which takes the body through a journey of exploring the patterns we hold, the stagnant energies we have not visited or given awareness to, and gives it a safe place to explore them by way of the release of the old and the grounding of oneself to manifest something new.



This signature program is for you if you seek guidance and resources to help you regulate your nervous system and live more dynamically.

Dive deep into your own emotional embodiment and transformation. Take this as a self-paced course, with options to join monthly group sessions, and/or private sessions with Phoebe.


The nOMad Collective

Founded by Phoebe

OUR MISSION: We offer transformational experiences within and around the world to guide you on a deeper journey of living a fuller life with more joy, gratitude, confidence, love, and connection.

Services include: membership program, live events, retreats, teacher trainings, and online self paced-programs.