Dear Radiant One,

Welcome to the journey of my story as an invitation to enter your own.  Be prepared to see your world in a new radiance; you will be transformed forever.

I put a lot of love, healing, and transformational energy into these pages for you to experience our world with a whole new radiant perspective.

Together we will dance through the twists and turns of life. We will discover a way to make friends in the shadows of Fear, Anger, Grief, Shame, or Loneliness and make new choices to step into the light of Gratitude, Trust, Confidence, Joy, and Love.

This book shares vulnerable and honest interactions with the emotions through letters that give you direct access to your own internal landscape. Dive into practices that are an open invitation to explore your own vulnerability and the honest experiences of your emotional body. If you are ready to dance with your radiance—and you always have a choice—this book will be your best friend to guide you along the way.

With love,

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What Dear Radiant One Readers Are Saying?

The nOMad Collective

“I love the book. Love everything about it. The stories shared (it takes guts to share like that) are not only fascinating, but they definitely open doors for contemplation. More than once, I paused to reflect on things in my own experience. Phoebe leads people through a journey with distinct challenges at each stage. The questions at each part remind me of stopping along the road to pause at a rest stop with a great view. Pause and do some work… but work that feels guided and supported.”

Teacher and Author of The Vibe-A-Thon: Creating Your Life From The Inside Out

The nOMad Collective

“The way Phoebe expresses through words is like a choreographed dance: she is in the lead, guiding the reader through the dance. The reader doesn't necessarily know where she/he is being led-- there are surprising twirls and dips along the way, and the movements can be quite unpredictable at times--but the dance all comes together in one beautifully structured choreography.”

Dear Radiant One Reader

The nOMad Collective

“Phoebe is obviously revealing parts of her story that she hasn’t confessed to others and, at times, may have just confessed to herself. By unveiling this level of honesty and sharing her personal letters, she is really encouraging and welcoming the reader to do his or her own self-study.”

Dear Radiant One Reader

The nOMad Collective

“Phoebe is profoundly, wholeheartedly, dedicated to the path of healing. Every time I am in her presence, she shows up fully to share her whole self - with honesty, creativity, and vulnerability. Her teaching and writing is deeply rooted in her lived experience. ”

Teacher and Author of Deep Listening

The nOMad Collective

“I think this is a powerful book and that your openness to sharing will really be the key to allowing others the permission and courage to tap into their truth and express their feelings and emotions. I think this is a necessary component of self-help and healing that everyone (especially these days) will embrace with open arms. ”

Dear Radiant One Reader

Dear Radiant One: Reading The Signs

Watch my book reading at GRIT Studios with works by David Lionheart in Newburgh, NY where I bring my story to life through movement. Learn more about having a curated Dear Radiant Reading Experience for your community!

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Dear Radiant One is a multidimensional experience. We are working on a few special projects including an audiobook, a dance video, and a live dance/reading tour to make it accessible to more people. Please consider a donation to support bringing this book into its full RADIANCE with me and become a part of it!

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