How Can You Embrace The Paradoxes Within?

Hello dear one,

This month has been all about embracing paradox...

So what opposites have been swirling around inside of you that feels like that can't make ends meet?

Are there places within you that have you feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, or overwhelmed?

Do you feel like you can't get out of your own way or not living in your full potential because you are stuck between the polarities that have you trapped in making any kind of choice or taking action?

I created a somatic exercise that helped me find some peace in between the opposites. In this week's podcast, I share more about how to do this meditative practice and how to marry the opposites.

Do you want more from your life?

I ran a poll recently and most people said they are overwhelmed with their present situation (work, money, relationships...) and feel like they are just living to survive.

This isn't good,.

I have put together a very special program for you (if you are struggling too) to reclaim your emotional resilience so that you can move past the burnout and overwhelm that keeps you captive, recover from what you endured through the trying times of the pandemic, and feel more centered even in the uncertainty that still lies ahead.

Do you feel like you could use this kind of support?

This 8-week program was created with you in mind. It will help you take ownership of your emotional well-being that will be the catalyst for transforming your whole life.

If you are ready to make a change and uplevel your life and get ready to:

Center your mind and regulate your nervous system so you can shift out of survival mode to see the world again through the lens of curiosity and confidence so that you can tap back into the creative flow of your life.

Emotionally connect with your inner world in a way that you can understand your shadows (negative emotions) and light (positive emotions) in a way that you can feel safe to fully embrace all of you, express yourself, and connect more with others on an empathetic level.

Open up in safe spaces to be more vulnerable so you feel more seen, heard, and felt. Once you can connect in these spaces you will find more ways to share open communication in your other circles; personally and professionally and find ways to create them for yourself and others. 

On the other side you will see how you can become the new CEO of your life. ;)
I want to help you do that, .

Reply to the message and let me guide you to a better way of living so you can thrive at what you do best and what you desire to create most in this world.

I have done it for myself in really big ways and I will never go back to the old ways of doing things out of the need to just make ends meet.

With grace,

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PS. I really hope you reply to the message and claim your emotional well-being back, 

If you don't, what's stopping you?



(NEW EPISODE) nOMad's The Space In Between

Epi #146: Embrace All of You

In this episode, Phoebe speaks about embracing the paradox within and around us and offers a journal practice for you to find your center while holding all the parts of ourselves and lives. 

And example of the Somatic Writing practice to help you find peace in the polarities within...



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