Daddy's "Techie" Girl Leading nOMad to the Next Frontier


We had dial up in our house in the early 80’s because my dad was a computer programmer for the Nature Conservancy. I always thought it was odd he worked in computers to “conserve nature”…

Dad would sit me down at the computer to play games test my typing skills (along with Frogger, of course). I resisted because I just wanted to dance and go outside to play with my friends. He told me that computers were the future and I had to be prepared. There was one time he said that (again) and I replied,…

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Welcome to Radiant Lioness

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Goodbye to Sandra Dee and Welcome to Radiant Lioness

on this Auspicious Day, the Lion's Gate (8/8)

"Look at me, there has to be
Something more than what they see
Wholesome and pure
Oh so scared and unsure
A poor man's Sandra Dee

Sandy, you must start anew
Don't you know what you must do?
Hold your head high
Take a deep breath and sigh
"Goodbye to Sandra Dee..."



My mom just texted me the news that Olivia Newton John just died, our beloved Sandra Dee from Grease.

In 8th grade, I played Sandy in …

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