We Are The Leaders We have Been Waiting For

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I had a conversation with my gramma last night about how change is really happening now and it’s not what you see on the news.
Change starts by acknowledging that we are sensation junkies.
(I am including myself here, I am a recovering sensation junkie)
Just watch how you scroll social media or talk to the news when it comes on…We are always looking for the next “hit”
Nothing is going to really change on a macro level until we heal on a cellular/micro level.
Real healing and transformation isn’t sexy and it doesn’t give us that “hit. (And yes, I am winking at my friends who think going away somewhere exotic for a plant medicine ceremony will fix all wounds-that’s still seeking a sensational experience.)
It calls for a deep detox and changes the entire way we see and experience our world. It will first occur on the subtle energy level that will be a huge ripple effect in the universe, not a a high wave of drama like a movie trailer that triggers your nervous system with “excitement” or fear.
Those who are resistant may say it’s a brainwashing and yes, it is to a certain extent. It is deleting the programs of fear and repression of our emotions that we learned through society.
It’s transforming our traumas; personal, familial, generations, collective so that we do not continue these patterns of reactions in our present and our forever future.
Mental health has only gotten worse since we started looking at the news all day, every day. It puts ideas in our minds to be violent or to constantly look for the violence to survive or least pull up to the tv with some popcorn and watch the drama unfold at 6pm.

The best thing you can do is stop.
Stop engaging with the drama, take more time to calm your nervous system, and recognize there is a world out here with good people that believe love wins and they/we are the new leaders of the world.
This is where the real change is happening, quietly inside and within communities that are changing the waves of our collective consciousness. It’s a deep inside job.
We need to stop looking for the next “hit.” To really make an impact, be present with what is here for you now, and see how you can just BE the change you want to see in the world. That is the gentle ripple that will change this entire world.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for…not the ones that are being talked about in the news.


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