A Dance with Mystery


Not everything is a tangible result.

This was a conversation we shared in our nOMad Guides group call last night. We were discussing the business side of things of being a guide, mentor, teacher, coach, or healer.

Money is a conversation a lot of us get hung up on in our western world, especially with inflation and all the uncertainties of our lives. If we are not aware, it can easily catapult us into the abyss of anxiously not knowing which leaves us grasping for some kind of security and safety (aka money).

When we feel the pressure of feeling like we might "fail" if we don't reach our tangible goals or outcomes in a new endeavor, we ask ourselves,

How much money I am going to make?

How much money can I spend?

How hard do I have to work for my money?

What will happen if I don't make enough money?

Before I continue, try this.

Say the sentences above out loud. Repeat again and replace "money" with "energy" and then see how your body feels. Pretty eye opening, right?

When we focus so much on these tangible outcomes, like money, we forget to experience the present moment, the intangible energetic experiences, and connections that are right there for us to see that go way beyond the dollar sign and tangible outcomes. But we get lost if it feels like we need these outcomes in order to survive.

When we get lost in this way of thinking and seeing, we forget the joy of why we first set out on the new endeavor and the powerful energy it brings us from within that lights us up our world.

The flip of this of this...is when we tend to be more aware of the intangible outcomes and forget we are not just spirit bodies but we are now living in human bodies in this realm of existence. We can get completely lost in intangible and forget the importance of the tangible realities too. When this happens, we live in the world of imagination, wishful thinking, and/or spiritual bypassing and forget our earthly responsibilties.

There is a mystery in dancing in between.

A group that I am a part of that meets on zoom every week, echoed this conversation in the context of Transfiguration (a cross figure, being able to hold the tensions of polarities).

In the reading, the line that came through so strongly for me was,

"we argue with Mystery itself."

This spiraled me into a whole inner conversation about how I am in an ongoing fight within between

time and money...

work and play...

doing and being...

tangible and intangible...

Maybe you are battling between the opposites too?

What if what we have been fighting this whole time is simply Mystery itself?

What if we surrendered and recognized what she truly wants for us?

Mystery wants us to remember the paradox of life.

Mystery wants us to remember the joy of her intangible nature but also forget so we don't hold onto the expectation of an outcome.

Mystery wants us to remember that it will all be okay in her space but also forget so we can be in awe of her magic every time.

Mystery wants us to remember that there will always be exciting outcomes but also forget so they don't become predictable.

In the last 24 hours, I shared these conversations along with gaining wisdom through an experience with a mentor. I was invited into admitting a failure of mine in the tangible world that I had not shared with anyone. What came from it was a new profound intangible sense of trust in another human being that I can honestly say, I have never experienced on such a palpable level before.

What is the the price tag on that???

The lesson I learned and what I pass on to you now is this,

Not everything is a tangible result BUT...

When we stop arguing with Mystery, the dance begins and we remember the fuel of life itself is in the intangible experiences that bring us to the unexpected and delightful tangible outcomes.

Just keep dancing and it will all be good.


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