Dear Peace and Serenity: Poems and Dance

Peace and Serenity,

I felt you close as I drifted off to sleep 

I float into your gentle arms and when Mom slowed down her words 

I held on to you as long as I could 

as I drifted on a cloud of bliss with you both.

Summer nights, 

we sat and watch the fireflies light up

with quickly fading memories 

I tried to find you both.

I lay alone in bed with so many thoughts and worries in my head. 

-you both so far away. 

You came to me less and less 

glimpses of you in the city parks-

just beyond the tree-lined streets 

felt the warmth of the sun on my face. 

I found you. 

You were distant friends

I remembered you, 

I dropped down into your gentle embrace again 

I remembered you, 

the fullness of you, 

and I craved you.


eating delicious dark chocolate  

drinking red wine, 

I felt you both 

it all lined up. 

you sang in such harmony, 

not a key was off. 

Peace and Serenity you became my new life partners, 

We become closer.

eating a meal, 

sitting with a furry friend, 

walking in a silent snowfall,  

putting my feet in the Earth, and its waters. 

I walk my path with you both as my guides. 

Sometimes you offer me directions and it takes me a bit of time to follow. 

Sometimes, I stubbornly go another way down a long, 


chaotic road, 

but I do find my way back to you, Peace and Serenity. 

I find you again,

 three deep breaths are my call to you, 

then there you are. 

you are always there just waiting patiently for me.

You are here now in the butterflies- 

curiously stopping by at the edge of my journal. 

You are in the bird songs 

You are in my shoulders as they soften away from my ears, 

I hear you whisper “relax,” 

You are everywhere.

With tenderness,


These poems are inspired by the letter I wrote to Peace & Serenity in my latest book, Dear Radiant One.

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