Embodiment Practices: Introduction to Mvt109™ Groundwork

The last few hours, days, months...I have felt the constant push, pull, and never ending swirling energies that come with living.

There are moments I feel so present and grounded, ready to take on the world as the Radiant Lioness I have called in to embody.

Then, there are other moments where I feel the old limiting beliefs feel like they are sucking me back in time/space. I feel like no one understands me. I feel like an imposter. I feel those very familiar echoes of isolation that I accompanied me as a child where I had to find a way out of the suck and keep going forward.

Then, there are other times I feel I am being catapulted into the ever expanding universe as warp speed where I can't keep up. Where I feel like there is no way I will be able to do all the things I want to do. Where I feel everyone else looks like the are floating effortlessly through new dimensions. Where I feel like, how did I end up here and how do I find my two feet on the ground again?

Do you connect with this in any way?

Do you get lost in the snow globe of life?

Do you feel like the tidal wave just pulled you under and not sure what is up or down?

Do you feel like you are in the chaos of life but somehow, everyone else got the memo?

Well, I am here to tell you, you are definitely not alone.

I find myself lost in those spaces so often BUT I have found my way back to the solid ground, thankfully because of my movement practice.

Getting onto the ground, breathing slow deep breaths, and rocking my body like a baby to calm myself down always seems to do the trick.

Do you wanna try it for yourself?

Check out this Mvt109™ Groundwork practice video above.

We will start by getting rooted in the body to create stability and mobility so you not only stand on a solid foundation but you can also move through life with ease and grace.

In Mvt109™, we start at the root chakra, in the subtle body system, where we feel safe in our body & our environment. In the physical body this is generally the feet, legs, and the base of the pelvis.

As we begin to gently move and ground down in these energies, we start to calm the nervous to shift into a more restorative state of being.

We start to feel safe again in where we are in the present moment.

We embody the vibration we want to create for our world so that we are the change.

Now, go ahead and watch the video and see how you feel afterwards.

Make sure you are in a space that feels quiet, comfortable, & safe to move freely in and clothing that can move freely with you.

  • After you complete this sequence, take a bit of time to reflect on what you experienced and write in your journal what you noticed shifted in your experience.
  • Throughout your day, notice what you noticed in your movement and how it shows up in your life. (ie do you feel your feet planted when you feel safe in your environment? Do you need to ground down in your legs more when you don't trust a situation.)
  • Those moments you feel ungrounded, can you find your way back to this place in the body again?

Let me know how that goes for you. Share a comment at the end of this post.

And if you want to dive in more deeply into this embodiment practice, join me for The Embodiment Freebie here where we explore 6 more bite sized practices that will help you shift your vibration to be more of what you want to be in this world.

Enjoy the new vibration that is YOU waiting for you to claim it.

With grace,

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