Dear Radiant One,

Welcome! I am guessing you are here because you are curious to explore more beyond the pages of this book.

Be prepared to see your world in a new radiance; you will be transformed forever.

This space you are visiting here now is live and will becoming even more alive in the coming weeks and months ahead so keep visiting as the story continues to unfold here. I plan to share more pictures from my past, video practices that are featured in the book, and give you an inside scoop on the live events we are creating to bring this book to life! Come back again soon!

With love,

Photographer Business Card-3

Photographer Business Card-3

Get a peek into the first Dear Radiant One Live Experience!

In the beginning....DAD AND THE LION

THE BEGINNING: As you learned early on, my mom and dad met because of a dear lioness, my dad's pet and keeper of his waterbed/drug dealing business. This photo  was taken in a photo shop (think Sears around 1975), Dad walked in with his family and lion for a family portrait. This isn't me or my mom, it is my older half- sister and her mom before my parents met. Simba was gone by the time I entered the scene.


Another fun fact: In 2020, I claimed the last name Leona in honor of this spirit animal that called me into existence. Ever since, I have embodied the heart and strength of a lioness...


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